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Letter: Feehan needs to be asked about background

The media’s utter failure to do their job in exposing the never-ending torrent of misrepresentations and lies from the Feehan for Congress campaign is getting tiresome.

Feehan routinely claims Congressman Jim Hagedorn has received tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies. Thus far, the closest Rep. Hagedorn’s campaign committee, Friends of Hagedorn, has come to a “pharmaceutical company” contribution is a grand total of $1,000 from Bayers’ agriculture division. Feehan is aware of this, but continues to peddle the lie. And the media’s coverage of the lie? Nada.

Feehan routinely calls Rep. Hagedorn a lobbyist. In reality, Jim Hagedorn has never worked as a lobbyist one day in his life. Media pushback to Feehan on this lie and misrepresentation? Non-existant.

And now this nonsense that somehow Dan is from southern Minnesota but Rep. Hagedorn is not. Hagedorn, of course, was born in Blue Earth (where he resides today) and grew up on a farm near Truman. Jim’s father, Tom, as you might remember, served our area in Congress from 1975-83.

On the other hand, Feehan’s claims of growing up in southern Minnesota are completely false. Why hasn’t the media simply asked Feehan where he attended elementary school? Or why he wrote just a few years ago: “I hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the best state in the union.”

It’s past time for the media to do its job and start asking questions about Feehan’s background instead of just mindlessly repeating whatever talking points and half-truths he feeds them. If they do, they will expose Feehan’s campaign as the phony, fraudulent candidacy that it is.

Shane Schofield
Truman, MN