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LETTER: Feehan stands up for education

Between us we have served more than 40 years as professional educators, so we know what challenges face today’s young people and families.

Because Dan Feehan is a former public school teacher, he is uniquely qualified to understand what measures will improve the lives of Minnesotans. Teachers are the “boots on the ground” who see the economic struggles affecting today’s children and teens.

Feehan wants to ensure that our nation prioritizes early childhood education, supports teachers, and works with all stakeholders to promote career readiness. He stands for schools that prepare our children to adapt to our rapidly-evolving economy and society and that also emphasize civics and public service to ensure our kids grow up to be well-informed citizens of their communities.

Dan believes we must provide learners with access to technical schooling, apprenticeships, and two-and-four-year degree programs, so young people can take advantage of jobs already existing where they live.

He has cited as models the way FFA and 4-H engage student interest; these types of connections should be encouraged and expanded, preparing our young people for opportunities in healthcare, IT, agriculture, logistics, and other areas.

For students choosing to go on to post-secondary education, Feehan has pledged to support legislation that caps student loan rates and expands pathways to loan forgiveness so students will not be saddled with crippling debt.

In addition, Dan’s military service provides an excellent example to our young people of putting community first. Let’s send him to Washington to represent the state of Minnesota!

Laura and Jim Armstrong

Winona, MN