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Letter: Rep. Hagedorn continues fight through cancer

As someone whose husband lost his battle with cancer far too young, I was saddened to hear the surprising news that our Congressman, Jim Hagedorn, has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

What surprised me most about his announcement was one would have never known that he was in, literally, the fight of his life. Between their Washington duties and the demands of coming back to their district to visit with constituents in town halls and visit local businesses, representatives keep an extremely busy and hectic schedule.

The ability to juggle those duties is taxing even for the most hearty and hale among us. To be able to do so while battling cancer is amazing and heartwarming.

My prayers go out to Rep. Hagedorn and his family in his fight against cancer. I am so grateful to hear that you are responding to treatment and that your doctor is so pleased with your progress. Continue your fight, Congressman. From what I’ve seen and heard about you, you’ve got this.

Sherri McCarty

Austin, MN