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Hulne: Staying positive in the down time

As we move forward in a world without competitions, I’ve seen some big time creativity from athletes and coaches alike on social media.

Hayfield boys basketball head coach Chris Pack has taken his followers down memory lane by putting up films from some of the most exciting games in his coaching tenure. He’s also created a bracket, pitting his own teams against each other. Followers of Pack on Facebook and Twitter vote on the outcomes and eventually the debate of the greatest Hayfield team under Pack will be settled.

We may also find out if Ethan Slaathaug the junior has a chance against Ethan Slaathaug the senior if the 2018-2019 team matches up against the 2019-2020 team.

While Pack highlights the history of his teams in Hayfield, athletes have come up with unique ways to stay involved and active. I’ve seen athletes turning garages into gyms, shooting hoops in driveways and putting up motivational videos.

The general mood seems to be one of positivity not negativity, and that is nice to see.

I hope sports return to us sooner rather than later, but I do like that this down time is bringing out the best in some people in the sports world.