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Letter: The Chinese Connection

Our great dependence on China would not have happened had we not been switched from debt-free money to interest-bearing debt for money whereby all money is created as loan principal. This required and still requires being forced into debt for money to exist.

The ‘switch’ required adding the unpayable cost of money or interest to goods and services. This resulted in a constant and growing spread between the money supply and costs of living still growing today. As labor’s cost of living went up, labor pressed for higher wages. In an effort to maintain profit margins, businesses was pressed to look for cheaper labor. They looked to China.

This economic stress intensifies as our unpayable debt grows. Had we not switched from a debt-free money system to a debt-money system, we would not have lost our independence and today would still be producing our goods and services here in America as we did in the beginning. The destructive consequences will continue as long as America maintains its love affair with debt and servitude.

Gregory Soderberg

Austin, MN