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Making the best of home

As the Mower County Center remains closed to the public, the travel has also been put on leave.

We are so grateful that we are safe and enjoying our homes and surroundings. We remain cautious and will resume trips when buses and venues are ready, with our guests in main focus.

We have not heard from many of the places we plan to visit as they also remain closed. We will announce our schedule when we can safely return.  Our October 2020 Riverboat Cruise in France and Germany has been rescheduled to September 2021.

By now, you have all completed most of the projects you have been putting off. Moving the winter clothes to back of the closet, went through your favorite recipes, sorted the photos you have acquired since last year, and made your home ready for summer.

It’s now time for the fun stuff. Call a friend, call several friends — it will brighten their day and your day.

Bake a treat and share it with a neighbor. Personally, I have discovered how much fun it is to try new recipes while getting acquainted with my new pasta noodle maker machine.

I felt like I was sitting in my mom’s kitchen while doing some cooking I had grown up with along with some Czech baking like kolaches.

Hang a colorful plant or use the garden space you have to plant some new flowers or look forward to the perennials to come up.

This is the Minnesota life. Taking a 20-minute walk every day just rejuvenates us.

If you have questions, you may call the Travel Office number at 507-438-3946. Enjoy life, enjoy Austin and stay safe.  We miss you too.